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Meet Illinois Cannabis Patient, Julie Falco

Julie was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago and has been working as an advocate in IL. She has had enough of the hypocrisy and has come out of the closet. She encourages other patients who use cannabis for medicinal purposes to come forward.

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IL Medical Marijuana Patients.


How YOU Can Help!

You can take a moment to remind our state legislators that this issue is about normal people like YOU.

Remind them that this is about our neighbors, friends and family members, and let them know we are outraged by the continuing, needless suffering of the sick and dying of Illinois because we have not provided them with safe access to the medicine they need.

Sign the petition - Support medical marijuana legislation in the Illinois General Assembly this year!

We will deliver a copy of the signed petition to each and every House and Senate member at the beginning of the 2008 session.

Please join us. Together we can make 2008 a year of compassion and hope.

Meet Illinois Cannabis Patient, Lucie Macfarlane.

Lucie was born with Neurofibromatosis that attacked her spine. She lives with constant pain. Using medical cannabis allows her to scale back the very dangerous and addictive narcotics.

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